Armed, Unarmed, Uniformed, and Un-uniformed Guards
Our neatly attired guards will patrol your business, set, or other facility.  Check credentials and secure your property and assets.

Security Consultation Services
Our expert security consultants will complete a free evaluation of your business’s security needs and develop a customized security plan to address all of your security needs.

Bodyguards Armed and Unarmed guards available.  Our highly trained guards will protect you and/or your client.

ATM Escort Our armed security guards will escort you from your business locations to banks or ATMs and back to your place of business.

Unmarked Car Our unmarked cars deter crime and speeding in neighborhoods, parking lots and other public areas without the need for around the clock guard presence.

Emergency Services Though many of a company's security needs are evaluated, planned and carefully considered, other events may occur with little or no warning, creating a security exposure that an in-house security team would not be able to cover on its own. In the event of emergency service needs, NOLA Protection Group security officers can be deployed in an attempt to minimize the exposure of the client’s physical and human assets. Such scenarios might include Hurricanes, disaster scenes, plant closings, strike coverage or simply an employee on vacation or out sick.  We specialize in last minute coverage!

Special Events

NOLA Protection Group offers complete EventLogistics Services.  Allow our special events team tohelp you with every aspect of your event.  From security to equipment rentals, signs and parking to your entire event communications needs, we’ve got you covered.

Security: Our guards, in the attire of your choice, will patrol your event facility, check credentials and secure property as required. In most instances, our guards receive event and facility specific training for specific contractual assignments.
Equipment Rentals:  We can provide Cones, Lighting, Directionals, Signage, Barricades, Badge and Credential Creation, Golf Carts, Port-o-lets, Two-Way Communication, Walk-Through Metal Detectors, and more.  Click here to view our equipment.

Parking: We offer staffing and management of valet operations in a secured lot for events. We will work with you to make sure parking is not an issue for the guests of your event.

Ushers: Our ushers will greet and direct your guests and answer any questions pertaining to the scheduled events as well as the general facility.

Ticket Takers: Our personnel will receive and handle tickets as well as all required passes and credentials for conventions and special events.